Feed In Tariffs

No feed-in tariff is offered but you may be eligible to receive a 'minimum retailer payment' from your electricity retailer.

All customers consuming less than 160MWh per annum with a solar system up to 10kVA (single phase) or 30kVA (three phase) may be eligible for a minimum payment from their electricity retailer for any excess electricity they export to the grid, regardless of whether they receive a 44 cents per kWh feed-in tariff, 16 cents per kWh feed-in tariff or no feed-in tariff.

The minimum retailer payment, which is credited on solar customers' electricity bills when they generate more electricity than they use, reflects the fair and reasonable value of fed-in electricity to electricity retailers. Customers will receive this payment in addition to any feed-in tariff received. The 45kWh per day export limit which is applied to some feed-in tariff groups is not applied to the minimum retailer payment.

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Solar Rebates

Initiated by the Renewable Energy Act 2000, renewable energy certificates or RECs are created when qualifying solar panel systems are installed.

The RECs are then traded, with the value of the certificates determined by market conditions. Owners of solar systems can claim the RECs themselves. However this can be very confusing and time consuming, so most people choose to sell the RECs to a wholesaler (which is arranged by Ace Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd) to sell for a point of sale discount on the system purchased.

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